10 Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks

Smart phones are what we call our phones right now for a reason. Smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems can do a lot of things you might not have thought they could. If we look around, we can see that the technology around us is changing quickly. Now, our phones are smart enough to handle complicated and different tasks at the same time.

If we’re talking mostly about Android, apps in the Google Play Shop can be used for many different things. Some apps, like automation apps, can make your life much easier. These are the apps that help people with Android phones automate special tasks.

In this article, we decided to share a list of the best Android apps that can help you automate special tasks. These apps help you get more out of your Android phone by giving you shortcuts, settings, triggers, and rules.

10 best Android apps for automating tasks.

Before you look at the list, keep in mind that most of the apps work on non-rooted devices. However, if you have a rooted device, you can find some hidden features. So, let’s look at a list of the best Android apps that can do things for us.

1. aProfiles

Well, aProfiles is a little different from all the other sites listed in the article. You have to make a profile and give tasks in this app. By turning on a profile, you can change how different settings work on a device. For example, you could turn on a profile that would put the phone on silent, turn down the brightness of the screen, and turn off the Internet connection with just one tap.


IFTTT isn’t really an automation app for Android, but it does let you connect more than 630 apps to work together. For example, you could set up an automation task so that your Android photos are automatically backed up on social networking sites. In the same way, you could set up automatic backups of important files, photos, and contacts in the cloud.

3. SkipLock

Skiplock used to cost money, but after users helped out a lot, it was made free for everyone. It’s a simple app that lets you skip the lock screen when you’re connected to a certain WiFi network. That means you no longer have to type in your lock screen password every time you connect to a WiFi or Bluetooth device in a group.

4. Tasker

Tasker is by far the best and most useful automation app for Android that you can get from the Google Play Store. Tasker can manage Android’s software, hardware, and unique features when it has root access. Tasker is even more interesting because it lets users set up triggers that automatically open apps, widgets, and other features. Right now, Tasker has more than 200 add-ons that do different things.

5. AutomateIt

It is probably one of the best and most useful automation apps for your Android phone. With AutomateIt, it’s easy to set up rules to do things like send an SMS when you reach a certain GPS location, open an app when you’re connected to a certain WiFi, etc.

6. MacroDroid

Well, MacroDroid is another great choice on the list that you can think about if you want to automate tasks on Android. You want to make your own macros on MacroDroid so you can do certain things. You can also choose from among the thousands of built-in macros.

The app works on both rooted and unrooted devices, and it is currently the best Android automation app you can use.

7. Name Recorder – ACR

Have you ever wanted to keep track of phone calls on your own? If so, you should try out Call Recorder – ACR. Bet on what? Name Recorder – ACR lets users automate the whole process of putting a name on a file. The app now has the ability to list both outgoing and incoming calls on your Android phone.

8. Automate

As the name of the app says, the Automate Android app lets Android phones and tablets take care of a number of tasks automatically. Like other automation apps for Android, Automate lets users make a flowchart to complete different tasks. For example, you can set up an automation to change the volume of the music, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, send an SMS, etc.

9. RuleBot: Using Technology

Droid Automation is another great app for Android that lets you automate tasks that you do over and over again. Droid Automation is small and easy to use compared to all the other apps listed in the article. To automate certain tasks, you need to make a profile, add the tasks, and pick the triggers.

10. Automatic Power

Power Automate from Microsoft is another of the best Android apps you can use right now to automate tasks. Power Automate is different from other apps because it is meant to help your business workflows. For example, you can tell the app to let you know when you get an email from a certain person. You can also choose to list your work hours, etc.

So, these are the best Android apps you can use right now to automate tasks. Tell us in the box below if you know of any other apps like this. I hope that this article was helpful! Please tell your friends about it too.