5 Best Writing Apps for Android

Different types of people can write. Some people write novels, others write technical documents, and I write blog posts. Poets, screenwriters, satirists, lyricists, playwrights, librettists, and speechwriters are all different types of writers. We all use pretty much the same tools, which is funny. Some people like typewriters better than digital word processors, but it’s nice to have digital word processors on your phone in case you get an idea and want to write it down. Most of these work best with a Bluetooth keyboard instead of a software keyboard, by the way. Here are the best apps for Android for writing!

5 Best Writing Apps for Android

Character Story Planner 2

Character Story Planner 2 is actually an app for tabletop games. We’re talking about games like Dungeons and Dragons and Hackmaster and others like them. But this can be a great resource for people who write novels and short stories. You can make characters with backstories, places, creatures, gods, magic, or anything else you want. You can make a whole world with its own rules, people, races, and places. The app also has a way to make scenarios, story events, and different kinds of scenes. You could write a whole book here and then just copy and paste it into a word processor when you’re done. The app is free, but it has ads, so writers on a budget can also use it.

Google Docs, Drive, Keep Notes

Google Drive is an online office suite that can do a lot. Google Docs is a word processor, Google Drive (or Google One) is cloud storage, and Google Keep is a note-taking app. This set of apps is great for people who write. Google Docs is big and powerful enough to hold a novel, a screenplay, and other long documents. It’s what I use to write scripts for YouTube videos. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that lets you access your writing from any Internet-connected computer, phone, or other device. Lastly, Google Keep is a good, free app for taking notes and storing ideas and snippets. All of this works with Google Drive. All the apps are free, and you also get 15GB of free space on Google Drive. You pay for a subscription in case you need more space.

Grammarly Keyboard

Using a virtual keyboard to write is not the best way to write. But sometimes it can’t be helped. Grammarly Keyboard is a good app for writers who want to use a keyboard. It does simple things like fix spelling mistakes on its own. It also helps you with grammar. It tells you when it finds a mistake in your grammar and suggests a fix. Now, things are often written in a certain way for a reason, and some characters just talk in a way that isn’t correct. Still, it’s nice to have a keyboard that can do things like this. To be fair, though, we think most people do this with a Chromebook or a Bluetooth keyboard, so a keyboard might not be needed.


JotterPad is an app for writing made just for writers. It has a lot of tools for writing novels, screenplays, and other similar kinds of work. The app also has a mode that keeps you from being distracted so you can really get into the zone. The app also has a dark mode, a word counter, support for Markdown, scrolling that looks like a typewriter, and support for cloud storage. There is also support for split-screen, but only on Chromebooks and tablets. Most of the features are included in the free version. For $5.99, you can buy some extra stuff, and for $14.99, you can get everything. Help with cloud storage is also available for $0.99 per month. We don’t like that you have to pay Google Drive every month to use its free storage, but you can always skip that.


Markor is a simple, bare-bones app for writing. Its formatting is done with Markdown, but other than that, it’s a simple editor. The app can be used to write, but it also lets you take notes, make to-do lists, and do other things. You also get offline support, a convert-to-PDF reader, and a few other things that will help you get work done. It’s a good writing app that can be used for many different things, and it’s also free.