5 Best Writing Apps for Android

Different types of people can write. Some people write novels, others write technical documents, and I write blog posts. Poets, screenwriters, satirists, lyricists, playwrights, librettists, and speechwriters are all different types of writers. We all use pretty much the same tools, which is funny. Some people like typewriters better than digital word processors, but it’s … Read more

5 Best Photography Apps for Android

Photography covers a lot of ground. As a hobby, a lot of people try their hand at it. But once you find your niche, it’s a perfectly good job. For the best photos, most photographers use DSLR cameras and other high-tech gear. But there are also many more people who depend on their phones. Many … Read more

5 Best Note Taking apps for Android

In the last few years, technology has grown and changed quickly, making room for new ideas and putting itself on a pedestal. No longer can you keep track of your tasks and assignments by bringing a sticky note or a pad with you. Now, all you need is your device, and you’ll never forget another … Read more

5 Best Automation Apps for Android

A lot of work is being done by machines. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to make your life easier. You can tell your phone to stop letting you know about things at a certain time. There are ways to back up your camera roll automatically. The list keeps growing. There are only … Read more

Download the Best Cartoon Photo Editing Application

This page is a post that contains the download link for the photo editing application to become a cartoon that we discussed earlier. ! Important Note: it’s a good idea to read carefully about the features of each application first before you decide to download the application. You can read the previous post. The application … Read more